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Food Security and Supply Chain Management with Chris Mejía Argueta

October 21, 2020

Food security is top of mind given supply chain considerations caused by a global pandemic. MIT CTL congratulates the World Food Program staff for their recent Nobel Peace Prize awarded for their work in alleviating hunger. On the topic of food security, MIT CTL’s Ken Cottrill speaks with Chris Mejía Argueta, the director of the MIT Food and Retail Operations Lab about food deserts and some of the innovative projects that leverage supply chains to combat food insecurity. Access to nutritious, affordable food remains a challenge to a growing segment of the world's people. From Somerville, MA in the USA to India, Mejía discusses research and interventions underway at the lab.

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Nanostores, a force to reckon with to fight malnutrition (Article).

Go deeper with, Reaching 50 Million Nanostores: Retail Distribution in Emerging Megacities (Book) 

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